Recently I've been trying out some typography and it's proved to be an enlightening and frustrating journey. I distinctly remember watching typographer Gemma O'Brian at an Adobe event whipping up a series of beautiful, brush lettered words and thinking... that can't be that hard. How very wrong I was. 
I recently went to lunch with fellow Jacky Winter illustrator Jess Cruickshank and she gave to me some helpful typography tips and the terrible truth that there aren't any shortcuts. Turns out like everything else typography just requires lots and lots of practice. I started with a traditional brush and ink just copying alphabets over and over again. I can feel some of the movement becoming a bit more natural but there's a long way to go.  
This time writing with a digital brush, much easier for consistency but less character in the line. 
Trying out some digital flourishes :) 
And a slightly different style here, this is very tricky without using the pen tool. Unfortunately the pen tool remains a mystery to me so there's some work to do there too. 
This is me throwing out the typography for a second and just illustrating one. Lots of fun but not really what I'm trying for.. 
Something a bit more finished. 
This seemed a nice medium between illustration and type. I think I'll be trying more of this in the future. Thanks for reading!
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