I recently had the experience of having a drawing of mine go, for me, viral. It probably only racked up a total of 20-30 thousand likes (combined from shared accounts) on Instagram but this was far beyond anything I've done before. This was extra weird because it was just what I'd intended. I'd been drawing live at a comics convention and decided to draw  the most populist thing I could think of. So this is a little experiment in pandering to the masses to see if the effect is replicable. I predict the public is a bit more savvy than that and it'll go nowhere but we'll see. Check my Instagram to see if it worked out.
So here is the first image, Wolverine and Pikachu 
Some linework
Block colour
And done! 
Had fun on this one so no stress if it flops. Check in next week for my next process article :)
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