When I think about illustration and what really interests me I always come back to linework. Perspective, colour, composition, tone, all these things are fascinating in their own way but straight up, black on white linework is the thing I really love and feel most at home with. There is so much character that can be manifest in the width, pace, precision or playfulness of the simple line and this week I've been really trying to focus on getting the most out of it.
This is the first one I did, I was in a hotel room working on some not particularly inspiring drawings and just wanted to let loose a little. I started with a much more conventional drawing but decided to challenge myself a bit and erase any element that felt lazy or automatic. In those erased areas I made big bold marks that then needed to be accommodated into the rest of the composition. 
I really like how the pared back colours worked on this one. I'll try and do more like this in the future.
All sorts of things coming together on this one, just trying to mix precise detail and bold expressive lines.
again on the above, trying to make those big expressive sweeps then using finer linework to hold the shapes together.
bit more conventional here, felt great creeping myself out trying to push this one. Hands were tricky.
I used to draw like this all the time but larger compositions and commercial work has forced it to the background a bit. Still love it though, fast and fun.

Hope you like it!
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