Here it is!
So first off, and I'm sure this is already self evident, I'm not an animator. I messed about with Flash when I was a kid and I'm arguably still at that level of skill. Nevertheless I was very interested to discover the animation function built into Photoshop CC and furthur intrigued by how deceptively simple it appeared. So after a few attempts at making things move I decided I was ready and spent a whole Sunday morning creating my cinematic master piece "The Atrophy of Meaning".
Here are some early attempts in animation. 
So first off for "The Atrophy of Meaning" was planning, Years of drawing storyboards for work prepared me for what you see below.
I just used quicktime to record some screen captures of myself drawing. Once you have those files you can literally just drag and drop the video onto your photoshop file.
If you open up the "Timeline" Window and select Create Video Timeline, boom your video works and you can render the Psd file as an mp4 video file. Thats it.
So for the stop motion bit you open the same timeline window and select Create Frame Animation.
The layers of your Psd are the frames of the animation so you have all the editing capability of photoshop ready to go. They're ordered bottom to top so when you have your layers in place you just click "Make frames from layers" and there they are. A editable stop motion timeline. 
Here I am editing together a bunch of stills from my phone
For the more high end special effects stuff we (Inga should be credited as an equal co-creator on this one) created a paper mobile and just rotated it per frame. This in Inga during her arduous hair and make up process
And finally it was all cut together in imovie. 
So thats all folks! Hope you liked it. 
Hopefully I'll keep playing with this and come up with something a bit more serious. I'd really like to try some drawn animation so that might be for next week.
Thanks for reading!
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