So this has to be one of the most exciting briefs I've had come down the phone. It's a great client, an exciting new canvas to work on and work days filled with scribbling around puppies. 
Above is the final image, it was temping to really work on the line work and finesse things but we really wanted to keep that spontaneity and liveliness to the work. The client was great about just letting me go at it without too prescriptive a brief. 
My brother actually took this photo, he was visiting Melbourne and had to run out of a pub and chase it down the street to get the shot. Much appreciated Ben.
Some of the adorable dogs at the launch. There was a hilarious photoshoot trying to wrangle them in place.
And finally me with some of the good folks from Guide Dogs. They're a really passionate team and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. 
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