Bill Hope is an artist and illustrator living in the Sydney Region.
His studies at the National Art School, the College of Fine Arts and the Julian Ashton School have established Bill as one of the most versatile illustrators and graphic recorders working in the industry.
His work pairs a classical sensibility with an enthusiastic embrace of the tools of contemporary illustration and design. 
Bill is forever looking for new ways to engage and collaborate with his audience and is always encouraging his clients to become more creatively ambitious —he much prefers to have access to all parts of the collaborative process, particularly at the early stages of a project, as he believes this is crucial to the creation of more compelling content. He is passionate about helping clients tell their story, however complex, through engaging and exciting visuals.
Outside of the commercial sphere Bill has a thriving personal practice that has been expressed through a variety of outlets. A number of illustrated books, a mural for the Sydney Children’s Hospital and an ongoing fine arts practice with the Lost Bear Gallery to name a few.
Bill is represented in Australia and the United States by the Jacky Winter Group.
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